Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ok sink lovers I have been busy so I'm just dumping some sinks for you to appreciate.

Ok so what's your favourite? comment below sink lovers...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Do a barrel- sink?

Ok my sink loving friends prepare to have your minds blown by some pictures from my personal collection...
I would also like to thank all of my fellow sink lovers for your support 

Behold! Barrel sink! Watch it roll....

Don't ask for an explanation I don't know, but it looks cool doesn't it?

Its a sink... In a drawer?

This one is sure to give you extreme sink lovers wood...

Any favourites sink lovers?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Futuristic Faucets

Lets go into the world of tomorrow and take a look at some futuristic looking faucets

The Ripple Faucet was created by Smith Newnam. And has a red light, which by some strange law of science, reflects into the stream of water coming out of  the faucet giving a red glow to the water.... If you don't want one then your are seriously messed up in the head.

what is this i dont even

This faucet is called the Hybrid and is designed by Paini. Visually, it sort of resembles a leather belt but it’s purpose is flexibility so if you want a bendy faucet for some reason this could be for you!

The “Flow” is by Nadeem Haidary who designed the unique looking sink. A rock sits atop a piece of fabric in this model, which triggers a switch and activates the water. This looks futuristic but also confusing, so if you have lots of money and want to buy something that will confuse your guests this modern masterpiece is for you!

Its decision time my sink lovers, whats your favourite?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lets Slide!

Lets slide right on into things...

The Abisko Washbasin from Eumar isn't even a basin. It's a water slide! A waterslide sink that drains onto the floor. So if you want to to look cool or  impress small children this beauty is for you!

Its the weekend! Here have a wine related sink, relax! You deserve some rest time.

Because sometimes natural is best. Does it need  further explanation? 

So how do you feel about these my sink fiends? 

Friday, 3 September 2010

Have The Time?

Oh sink Lovers its that time again!

Have you ever been washing your hands and felt the burning urge to know the time, but OH NO! where's your watch? Well now my fellow sink enthusiasts problem solved! With Murano's "Watch Waste", it's built in time piece will ensure you never encounter this truly infuriating and major problem ever again. Don't you feel better knowing this now? 

Because you know where you want to stand! I'm sure these are in the male toilets. Now just to wait until they make a urinal version...

So sink my fellow sink fanatics what are your views today?

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Lets go for a multi bathroom paraphernalia post...

Can't tell what you're looking at? It's a $26,000 bathtub from artist Tetsuya Nakamura. And you can chose the colours! Those crazy Japanese what will they do next...

The sink of the day has to be the sink accompanying Nakamura bathtub. With its customisable colours and sleek shape it will make you tremble in awe.

Oh look its a sink with a plant in it.

The Gessi ceiling-mounted faucet is mounted to the ceiling because walls are boring. You control the flow with a little joystick (or optional remote). OH LORD THAT FAUCET!

So what's your favourite? Comment below sink lovers.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


You can have fish, IN YOUR SINK?  Oh my this ones a keeper.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Reminds me of green xbox lights, true beauty just hope it doesn't turn red...
Check this beauty, not my style but nonetheless a masterpiece.

Hello friends lets start out with this metalic wonder.